Life Coach

“Nature does not hurry,
yet everything
is accomplished.”





As a life-coach; I believe that the only person who can help you progress is you. You are way more powerful than you think you are.

My job as a life coach is empowering my clients to live with their highest potentials, which I do by giving them tools to live consciously and be able to take the right decision that works for them. Once you are conscious you will become the affect no the result of your life.


Areas of focus:


Conscious decision making

Goals Setting

Discovering obstacles and over-coming them

Stress management

Management/ Entrepreneurs Coaching


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About me


“I always knew that there is more to this world and there is a lot to learn”

My name is Mohammad AlBanna, I am from Dubai; born and raised in this amazing multi-cultural city. In Dubai you are always surrounded by people with different cultures, different languages and believes. Which always kept me curious about this world. I always knew that there is more to this world and there is a lot to learn. Unexpectedly, many years later it became part of my job to live in different countries.

My journey began when I moved to Australia after college. The experience didn’t only teach me about their culture, it taught me about myself. It was an inner journey, that taught me how to deal with my curious mind, and how to calm it with a convincing answer. It was the start of the self-awareness journey.